About Us

Beauty Tables is a family run business based in the UK. We specialise in handpicked Tables for dining room, lounge, bedroom or home office and the corresponding seating options from chairs and stools to more cosy armchairs. The website also has a range of storage options available as well as stunning mirrors to finish the look. We do source all of them directly from our trusted UK suppliers.

Our online only store began with a passion for interior design and beauty. We truly believe that surrounding ourselves with pleasant and suited environment for the purpose boosts the mood, productivity and restores our energy allowing to relax and recharge. Creating your unique space will not only make it stand out for your style and originality. But more importantly it will make you enjoy the space so much more. You will be looking forward to come home and create new memories there.

We believe that everyone should enjoy and love every single item purchased in their homes. And our aim is to use our passion and knowledge by helping others to create their own beautiful spaces. If you are scared to venture on the design and decorating journey on your own, you can check out the Collections. The ranges put together matching furniture pieces. And follow our Instagram and Blog for helpful tips and advice.  

Every piece of furniture featured on our website has been chosen specifically by us. We choose to spend extra time and care meeting our suppliers and picking the products so that we can say with confidence that we personally love and would use them in our own home. Every listed item passes quality check before delivery to ensure that the materials are of a high standard. We are certain that our stylish picks will look amazing in your home.

We cherish our customers experience and strive to provide best customer service. You can always reach us via the email for any questions or through contact forms via the website. Phone lines are also open during the working hours. We have clearly stated return and delivery policies and FAQ sections and we are happy to clear any doubts you have. Besides, we will be in touch with you from the time of the order till the successful delivery with the updates on your order.

Stock is refreshed daily to ensure that our customers never miss out. We are always on hand for any customer questions or general advice about our products, so give us a shout!

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