Find the perfect desk to work from home

Find the perfect desk to work from home, tips on style choices and features so that you can decide what desk suits you and your home the most!

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Find the perfect desk to work from home

With many of us needing a space to work from home whether it be in your home office or just a small corner of your bedroom or lounge, a desk with all the right features can make life a lot easier. With a designated space to carry out your work activities you’ll feel more structured and find that you can easier carry out what needs to be completed in your working routine.

The first thing you have to consider is what you need out of your workspace, will you need a large desk with plenty of worktop space for a desktop and keyboard or will a petite desk with enough room for a laptop and stationary be suitable enough for you?

Think about storage options too... if you have files and paperwork to store then consider buying a desk with enough drawers to keep these things neatly put away. Corner desks can also be great options for those that need to keep a printer, label makers and stationery all in one place for easy access. And with the extra space you can always fill it with personal homely touches such as plants, photo frames and lamps.

One of the most important factors that you will also need to consider when choosing your desk is of cause what style you want to go for. Think about what theme and colour scheme you want in your workspace and incorporate the style of desk with other furnishings in your home so that it all ties together.

It’s important that you love the space that you will be working in as it will boost your motivation to step into that space and increases your interest level to work, being comfortable and happy in your workspace will also help to settle any anxiety that you may feel about working and therefore will help maintain a healthy mindset.

We want you to be confident in the Desk that you are choosing so if you need any advice please reach out.

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Some of the styles that are extremely popular now are

Industrial luxe – An increasingly popular trend, using raw materials such as steel, brick, metal and wood that wouldn’t typically be used in a home incorporated together to create a modern and edgy look.

Modern and sleek – A trend that features simple colour palettes and materials such as metal, glass and steel, modern styles will usually not have too much going on and can often be minimalistic so that you can accessories in your own way.

Scandinavian – The Scandinavian style furniture trend has flourished since the 1950’s, this trend aims to reciprocate the simplicity of life demonstrated in Nordic countries. Featuring simplistic designs with neat lines and natural colour palettes with functionality. These Pieces aim to create a clutter free space with open and airy vibes that attract natural light to the room, often using natural wooden materials.

Traditional – The Traditional style usually features dark finished wood, rich colour palettes, and a variety of textures and curved lines. Furnishings have elaborated and ornate details and fabrics, like velvet, silk and brocade, which may include a variety of patterns and textures.

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