Top 10 Furniture Styles

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Top 10 Furniture Styles


Modern furniture design refers to the popular style of furniture that was produced from the 19th century and onwards, with roots in both German and Scandinavian design. This style of clean, sleek, and minimal furniture was a rebellion against the ornate designs that were so popular before this era such as art deco, traditional, and victorian with all of their flourishes and ornamentations. Modern furniture is the exact opposite of these styles and features elements such as a minimalist design, smooth shiny surfaces, and clean straight lines with neutral colours.

Modern and contemporary design are often mistaken for the same thing, both do have similar characteristics, however, modern design is a specific style from the modernist movement and contemporary design is always adapting and changing to fit popular design trends in the current day.

modern furniture


Contemporary furniture styles are inspired by popular themes and trends at the current time, it is a style that changes as trends change and is constantly evolving. It borrows qualities from modernism, minimalism, Art Deco, and other global styles.

Contemporary furniture usually uses a neutral colour pallet such as beige, cream, black, white or grey and can also feature splashes of colour to make the room really pop.

Clean lines and organic silhouettes are also some of the prominent characteristics used in contemporary furniture styles.



Industrial interior design is a trend that is growing increasingly. Industrial furniture refers to furniture that uses unexpected raw materials such as weathered wood, exposed brick, concrete, old timber or pipes. Industrial styling has an urban / warehouse feel and is often used in large and open spaces such as lofts or open plan rooms. Neutral colour pallets are often used, such as black mixed with natural wood, and splashes of colour can be added for a fun touch and to help brighten up the room.

Industrial furniture


This calming and neutral style of furniture is inspired by the simplicity of life in Nordic countries. Neutral colour pallets are commonly used such as white, beige and cream with added colourful patterns and artistic features often incorporated. Textures from natural materials and fibers are used to stand out in Scandinavian furniture and give an earthy and relaxed tone to the room. Scandinavian furniture is simple and understated and often makes the room feel light and airy.

Scandinavian furniture


Traditional furniture usually features classic details, natural materials such as dark finished wood, rich colour pallets often with floral designs or plain upholstery.  Colourful stained glass with beautiful details and wooden features with extra dimensions such as carved wood, cabriole legs, tufted upholstery, and traditional styles of feet with different patterns and shapes. This style of furniture is inspired by European regal historical styles from the victorian era.

Todays modern home owner can mix traditional and contemporary styles of furniture to create a unique and personal space. Pick which style of furniture you want to dominate the space and then incorporate a few pieces of the other style of furniture, consider which attribrutes you love the most from your furniture and find a way to weave these details together throughout your interior.

Traditional furniture


Glamorous interior decor is all about luxury, boldness, and sparkles! Glamorous furniture really makes a statement, by using many details to stand out. A glamorous interior may feature mirrored furniture with crystal handles, dazzling chandeliers, and glass furniture with shiny metal elements in gold or silver. Chairs with luxury velvet upholstery and tufts really fit into the glamorous style, and other elements such as studded detailing, animal patterns, metal edging, crushed glass, glitter, and faux fur all add that extra bit of glam.

Colour pallets used in glamorous furniture and interiors are usually a mix of modern neutrals such as white, grey, black and beige with bold colours that pop such as hot pink, emerald green, mustard yellow, and orange. Some may think that glam furniture is over the top, but that's what we love about it, it certainly isn't boring. And when styled correctly you can create a sophisticated luxe-glam interior that you can't help but fall in love with.

Glamorous Furniture

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic style furniture is seen as soft, feminine and pretty, usually featuring distressed and rustic features and generally having light colour schemes such as white, beige, cream and pastel colours. Shabby chic furniture is usually wooden and the paint tends to have antique-style finishes so that the furniture looks like pretty vintage pieces.

This is definitely a chic and elegant style of furniture that can be quite cosy and homely and also gives the room a light and airy vibe. You can complete a room with shabby chic style furniture, cosy cushions and lots of floral arrangements and dried flowers to combine the whole look.

Shabby Chic Furniture

Art Deco

The Art Deco furniture style was first introduced in the 1920's at a Paris exhibition for modern and industrial decorative arts. This popular new style was set to take over architecture, interior styling, furniture, and other decorative arts throughout Europe. At the time art deco furniture was made by wealthy designers for wealthy clients who could afford high quality, luxurious materials. 

Art deco furniture is characterized by symmetrical and clean lines, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern machinery and materials. Art deco furniture is a distinctive and over the top style that stands out with its rich, exotic materials and colours and its luxurious designs.

Some of the main features of art deco furniture today are bold, geometric patterns and colours, non traditional materials such as metals and marble and an overall vintage-glamour look.

Art deco furniture 


Minimalist furniture focuses on the simplicity of design without excessive decoration or ornamentation. Usually featuring natural and beautiful materials with clean lines. Minimalist furniture and interior styling create a sleek, clean and modern space that focuses on the essentials needed in your home without over decorating. Minimalism in your home helps to keep a clear and focused mind without unnecessary distractions, and minimalists are all about embracing the light airiness that comes with lots of empty and de-cluttered space.

Minimalist Furniture


Farmhouse refers to a style that you would typically see in a cottage or home in the countryside or farm. This style of furniture is usually made from natural materials such as stone or wood in all different textures and finishes, and often has a rustic and natural charm that creates a cosy and welcoming feel in your home.

Farmhouse furniture is practical in form and function and is made to last! Modern-Farmhouse is a popular style that combines clean, sleek and contemporary styling with the rustic and natural charms of traditional farmhouse furniture.

Farmhouse Furniture

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