Why Your Home Needs a Piece Of Mirrored Furniture.

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Stay On Trend With Mirrored Furniture In Your Home

Mirrored furniture continues to be an exceedingly popular choice for many people furnishing their homes and there are many reasons why. 

3 Top Reasons Why Mirrored Furniture Is a Great Choice For Your Home

Mirrored desk
Brightening up your home

Mirrored furniture can open up your space making your rooms appear bigger, and brighter. The mirrored glass will attract natural light into the room which instantly brightens up your home. Adding a piece of mirrored furniture to a dark room will brighten up the space with reflections of light that bounce around which will contribute towards a more positive and uplifted mood. In comparison to dark and dull furniture that sit flat in a room, anything mirrored will provide a bit of sparkle that will be sure to make you happy when entering a room. If you have a bedroom that doesn't attract much natural light from outside, then a mirrored dressing table or mirrored bedside tables will do a great job of bringing in more reflections of light.


Elegant mirrored console table

Sophisticated and stylish


You can achieve a sophisticated and stylish look in your home when using mirrored furniture accompanied by the right colour scheme. Mirrored furniture can look very expensive even when it’s not, and when accessorised with the right home accessories and surroundings you are able to achieve a look that will have anybody envious of.

To create a sophisticated look in your home, stick to a neutral colour palette such as whites, greys, beiges and dark walls can be dark grey, black or navy blue. Having bright and colourful walls or walls with fun patterns going on is delightful but won't really work well when trying to achieve a classy look.

Accessorise your mirrored furniture with other mirrored objects or accessories with a similar colour scheme to your room to really tie it all together.


Mirrored SideboardVersatile

Another great factor is that mirrored furniture can be very versatile, suitable for many different settings in your home including your bedroom, living room , dining room and hallways. Mirrored furniture adds an elegant touch to your interior and can be used to create a stylish focal point.

Unlike with other styles of furniture, mirrored furniture does not need to be accompanied by other mirrored furniture to look great, as different textures work well next to anything mirrored.

Mirrored furniture in a dark room can provide a very stylish contrast that boldly stands out and has a dark elegant theme. Similarly, anything mirrored will work well in a light coloured room but will provide a more fresh and airy theme that is very stylish.



The different styles of mirrored furniture


There are many different styles of mirrored furniture, which one is right for your home?


Classic Mirrored Dressing TableClassic – Classic mirrored furniture includes clean lines, uncomplicated designs that would fit well into any space, this style does not usually feature any other textures or patterns but simple mirrored glass in classic shapes which usually has a silver finish. This style is popular as it fits well into most decors and provides a simple canvas to accessorise yourself.


Venetian dressing table setVenetian – A timeless and elegant style of mirrored furniture which is named after the beautiful city of Venice – Italy. The Venetian style is heavily inspired by the Venetian period of time, Venetian furniture is crafted out of wood and with added mirrored panelling added to the frame to create a luxurious and distinctive look. Venetian mirrored furniture usually features glass with different coloured shades and painted wood frames. Venetian furniture has an antique style which we can use today next to more modern materials and furnishings to create unique and beautiful spaces.

French Mirrored Dressing TableFrench - French mirrored furniture can often resemble the same qualities as Venetian styles, as the structure is usually wooden with added mirror. However, French mirrored furniture usually features more elegant designs such as curved legs or curved frames with detailing carved into the wood. French furniture can also be described as antique or shabby chic.



Contemporary mirrored sideboardContemporary and Modern– Contemporary style is trendier and more current, using classic mirrored designs with added aspects of art deco. Contemporary mirrored furniture may have more flair and boldness with unique pieces that different individuals may love.  Modern mirrored furniture usually consists of mirrored glass panels with bevelled edges, usually featuring sparkles, crushed glass or glitter which people love using in the bedroom.



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